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Born in France from an American mother and a pied noir father, Yellam is an English-speaking artist who started performing in 2007. As a lover of Reggae, Soul, and Hip Hop, Yellam develops his own musical universe from these genres.

In 2013, alongside the Green&Fresh crew, which he founded in 2009, Yellam releases his first album “Turn Up The Sound,” a real success that catapults him to the rank of new reggae sensation. The website Reggae.fr puts him in the Top 3 “Best French Touch Reggae Album” and “Revelation Artist of the Year” in 2014.

After several singles, numerous concerts, and a trip to Jamaica, the record label Irie Ites signs him to produce his next album. Yellam flies to Jamaica again alongside the label and works with the Island’s crème de la crème, such as The Roots Radics and Sly Dunbar. In the mythical Harry J studio, they compose an album that blends 70’s Roots Reggae and Yellam’s more modern approach.

In November 2015, while awaiting his next album, Yellam releases an EP made of five tracks, including two brand new songs, with hints of Hip Hop, Soul, and Dancehall. For this release, Jr Yellam becomes Yellam. He moves on to the next level and shows the extent of his skills on this multi-genre project: “Get On Board,” which ranks 2nd best EP of the Year on Reggae.fr. It is the boarding ticket to his next album “The Musical Train.”

With the arrival of a new partner, Bleu Citron, Yellam performs live all over France. He settles in the country’s musical landscape and brings in an even larger crowd. He shares the stage with artists from all musical genres, such as Big Flo and Oli, Georgio, and Ba Cissoko. He even records a title with the latter on his album “Djeli.”

“The Musical Train” is scheduled to arrive in the fall of 2016! It will include legendary collaborations to give it a real global dimension. It will be followed by a 2016/17 tour in major French and European cities. Yellam positions himself even more as an essential artist of the French musical scene and beyond.